We’re Shaken + We’re Stirred: The Best British Men In Suits

bc_bmis1 bc_bmis2
There are some things that British men do best: making a pot of tea, playing dastardly villains and wearing the bejesus out of a tailored suit. I mean, “Hot damn, British men!” In honor of how gosh darn good these guys look all cleaned up, we’re ranking the best British men in suits.

Ranking the best British men in suits was not easy for us. It’s like choosing between your babies, but worse because you’re choosing between the hot men that you fantasize about having babies with. Every guy on this list is incredibly hot, unbelievably suave and looks fantastic in a suit. Ultimately, our ranking came down to how well the suit was tailored, how comfortable the man in question looked in the suit and how stylish the whole look was.

So, who looks better in a tailored suit? The long and lean Tom Hiddleston or the sharply dressed Benedict Cumberbatch? The undeniably dapper Idris Elba or the pristine and perfect Robert Pattinson? Mr. Darcy (Colin Firth) or James Bond (Daniel Craig)? The British man who is best at wearing suits may actually surprise you, but we don’t think you’ll mind one bit being shaken and stirred.

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