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BTS Parade Scene From Black Mass


Sherlock, his crippling insecurities and the mystery of why Benedict Cumberbatch can’t find a wife despite being Britain’s latest superstar

**This is a much older article, but interesting…

Benedict Cumberbatch on holiday with Russian model, Katia Elizarova

Benedict Cumberbatch on holiday with Russian model, Katia Elizarova

He’s a mass of insecurities — defensive about his schooling, constantly seeking approval, afraid to turn work down and filled with self-reproach over his failure to find a wife and have children.

Yet at 37, Benedict Cumberbatch is Britain’s newest global star, a sex symbol who can command multi-million dollar fees from the world’s top film-makers.

So why, with the world at his feet, is the Sherlock actor so desperately unsure of himself? And is his debilitating self-doubt in danger of derailing his progress to career superstardom — and his own personal happiness? Could it be that, in the past, his emotional intensity and his urgent yearning to become a father have scuppered relationships?

Women — especially the independent, career-minded women he finds attractive — seem to be scared off by him.

His see-sawing temperament is enough to deter any woman from marriage. To make matters worse, he’s highly cautious, even paranoid, about money.

For years he couldn’t bear to spend anything on clothes, and he never misses a chance to earn a penny — even working for minimum rates on the BBC radio drama Neverwhere recently, rather than be ‘between jobs’ for a moment.

And yet, just about every man in the country would eagerly swap places with the star whose devoted female fans call themselves his ‘Cumberbitches’.

As the ultimate detective, Sherlock Holmes, in the BBC’s worldwide hit or the leather-clad villain John Harrison in this summer’s blockbuster Star Trek: Into Darkness, he is unlike any other actor working in film or television today.

Now he is hotly tipped for an Oscar in a movie no one has even seen yet, playing Wikileaks mastermind Julian Assange in The Fifth Estate.

In recent weeks he has sent the gossip columns into overdrive, after being photographed with two glamorous and very different women, leaving nightclubs in the small hours, officiating at a gay wedding and camping it up wildly as he revealed his crush on Hollywood A-lister Matt Damon. ‘Do you have Matt’s number?’ he demanded to a baffled interviewer for a web fansite. ‘My biggest wish is to hang out with him .

Benedict Cumberbatch and former girlfriend Olivia Poulet at The Specsavers Crime Thriller Awards 2010

‘Cut to a hot night where we’re all getting drunk and dancing and having a good time. Wouldn’t that be cool?’

This homoerotic tease, and his role as minister at a gay wedding in Ibiza between two male friends, seem alarmingly out of character.

Though his publicist says he has a ‘wicked, wicked sense of humour’, Cumberbatch is usually reticent to the point of mystery about his love life, which he guards as closely as his financial affairs.

For 12 years, he was in an on-off relationship with actress Olivia Poulet, best known for her role as Tory spin doctor Emma Messinger in BBC sitcom The Thick Of It.

They split up in 2010, though he admits: ‘I still love Olivia to bits.’

Since the break-up, Cumberbatch has been linked with several high-profile women, including Star Trek co-star Alice Eve and Lord Of  The Rings actress Liv Tyler.

At 37, Benedict Cumberbatch is Britain's newest global star, a sex symbol who can command multi-million dollar fees from the world¿s top film-makers

He is a high-intensity boyfriend. He once cited his father’s tradition of presenting his mother with a red rose every Monday morning as the epitome of romance. But what might be endearing for a long-married couple is apt to come across as needy, even creepy, in a new relationship.

He is also ferociously chivalrous, old-fashioned even. After BBC radio’s film reviewer Mark Kermode poked fun at Keira Knightley, Cumberbatch — her co-star in Atonement — punched the critic when they appeared together on air. Kermode was amazed, though he later insisted it was ‘a light tap on the arm’ and ‘playful’.

More recently, Cumberbatch has dated furniture designer Anna Jones, before apparently rekindling an old friendship with Russian model and actress Katia Elizarova.

Last month, the pair were photographed snuggling on a sun-lounger beside a pool at Ibiza’s Hotel Hacienda. She is wearing next to nothing, and he strokes her arm as she nuzzles his face with her blonde hair.

But Katia was apparently as surprised as anyone when Cumberbatch was snapped days later leaving his birthday party at the saucy London nightclub Cirque du Soir, which features fire-eaters and topless dancers, with red-haired actress Charlotte Asprey on his arm. She is another friend from theatre school days.

In recent weeks he has sent the gossip columns into overdrive, after being photographed with two glamorous and very different women, leaving nightclubs in the small hours

Startled gossip writers started to ask whether stardom had turned Cumberbatch into a womaniser, a public-school version of the louche comedian Russell Brand.

At first glance that claim seems improbable, even ridiculous. Cumberbatch has always been painfully awkward around women.

He has admitted that his first unspoken childhood crush was on a friend of his parents, the actress Emma Vansittart, who appeared in the Eighties TV soap Angels.

Cumberbatch was born in London in 1976. His parents were both jobbing actors. His father Tim Carlton (he dropped the family name Cumberbatch for career purposes) had appeared in Minder, Bergerac and The Professionals, while his mother Wanda Ventham was best known as Rodney’s mother-in-law in Only Fools And Horses.

They socialised with flamboyant theatre friends, including Julian Fellowes, who would go on to create Downton Abbey.

Young Benedict’s behaviour caused anxiety from the start. He was ungovernable, noisy, inexhaustible and constantly on the brink of raging boredom — still rampaging like a toddler when he was eight years old.

Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in Star Trek: Into Darkness

Benedict Cumberbatch as John Harrison in Star Trek: Into Darkness

He says now he was ‘a hyperactive nightmare’ and ‘a tearaway’.

He revelled in ‘inappropriate behaviour’. For a dare, he once dropped his trousers and flashed outside a church.

Though his parents were not rich, they managed to raise the cash to send him to a private prep school in West Sussex that took boarders from the age of eight.

But the boy remained a problem.  During the school nativity play, where he was Joseph, he pushed Mary off the stage for hogging the limelight.

The headmaster recommended Harrow school, where strict discipline was combined with an emphasis on creativity. But the fees were far beyond anything the family could afford — more than £30,000 a year at today’s prices.

Benedict’s parents adored him. He was their only child, though Wanda had a daughter called Tracy, 15 years older, from a previous marriage. But even they didn’t expect what happened next. The boy not only passed Harrow’s entrance exam but won a scholarship.

He excelled in drama at school, starring in several productions of Shakespeare — including a role as Rosalind in As You Like It. Since Harrow was single-sex, Cumberbatch became adept at playing girl’s roles.

But when Oscar-nominated director Andrew Birkin came to the school to film Ian McEwan’s sex-fuelled novel The Cement Garden, a young Cumberbatch refused to audition.

‘I was really prudish at that age and I didn’t want to take my clothes off,’ he said. ‘I was terrified and I didn’t want anyone seeing what I looked like.’

He claims that when his hormones kicked in during his teens, his schoolwork suffered. Unable to concentrate in lessons, he says, his grades fell and his ambitions to study at Oxbridge were dashed.

Old Harrovian classmates are sceptical. ‘He wasn’t stupid, but, quite frankly, the girls excuse is weak,’ said one. ‘We all discovered girls at the same time — or boys in some cases — but that didn’t stop plenty of us from going to Oxford and Cambridge.

‘It’s pretty obvious why he didn’t do the same: he wasn’t quite clever enough. One suspects he might have a chip on his shoulder, actually, the way he goes on about it in interviews.’

As the ultimate detective, Sherlock Holmes, in the BBC¿s worldwide hit or the leather-clad villain John Harrison in this summer¿s blockbuster Star Trek: Into Darkness, he is unlike any other actor working in film or television today

Cumberbatch has a different take on that. He says he opted to study drama at Manchester University because he didn’t want to become the kind of ‘luvvie’ who swanned around with a cashmere sweater knotted round his neck.

Success didn’t come quickly. Though casting directors praised him, they warned he was a natural ‘character actor’, not a star, due to his unconventional rather than leading-man looks. He couldn’t even break into video games.

He once auditioned for a PlayStation version of James Bond, in a bow tie and tuxedo, but was rejected.

The stress made him ill. He tried to stay fit with Bikram yoga and a daily spoonful of organic honey, but succumbed first to glandular fever, then pneumonia.

It didn’t help that he was smoking heavily. On a bad day, it took half a dozen cigarettes and a drink before he could even face talking to an interviewer.

Then, at 33 he scooped a part in a National Theatre production, playing ‘a rich, alcoholic monster’ in Terence Rattigan’s After The Dance. His performance won sparkling reviews, but it was his parents’ approval that he craved.

The 37-year-old actor served as the officiant of the marriage of Seth Cummings to Rob Rinder

The 37-year-old actor served as the officiant of the marriage of Seth Cummings to Rob Rinder

This homoerotic tease, and his role as minister at a gay wedding in Ibiza between two male friends, seem alarmingly out of character

After the first night, his father was in tears. Irrationally anxious that Tim was weeping because he had been a disappointment, Benedict simply held onto him like a child.

At last, his father said through his tears: ‘You stupid boy. I’m crying because you were so wonderful.’ This uncertainty about the emotions of the people closest to him is at the heart of all Cumberbatch’s insecurities. He doesn’t trust himself to read the people around him, or to say the right thing.

And if he doesn’t trust himself, he can’t trust anyone at all.

In 2010, his career took off when Sherlock caused a national TV sensation. But his mood was bitter.

He dismissed praise with sour soundbites: ‘I’ve been the next big thing for ten years,’ he said.

He turned on friends and colleagues in a series of vicious interviews.  He accused Bond actor Daniel Craig of spouting ‘bull****’ for claiming that he did his own stunts. And he lashed out at family friend Lord Fellowes, calling Downton Abbey ‘sentimental’, ‘cliched’ and ‘f***ing atrocious’.

Later, he apologised profusely. He had no filter, no ‘off’ switch, he said. ‘I am a PR disaster because I talk too much.’

His angered outpourings may have had their root in his tortured private life. After a dozen years, during which they had made a nest together in a flat in Hampstead, North London, he and actress Olivia Poulet had parted. In an instant, all his hopes for a family had vanished.

Cumberbatch is already tipped for an Oscar as he plays Julian Assange in the still unseen movie, The Fifth Estate

He felt wretched. When journalists asked about his greatest achievement, he would moan: ‘I wish I could say it was having children, but I can’t.’

He claimed the biggest regret of his life was that he hadn’t been a father by his early 30s — when he had still been with Olivia.

A public statement was issued, saying the couple’s split was amicable. But the heartbreak behind that anodyne lie was unmistakable.

Today, Cumberbatch still lives in the house he shared with Poulet, a £2 million property divided into three flats. He has angered neighbours with his plans to convert the attic and build a decked roof terrace, surrounded by railings.

One disgruntled neighbour hit back by spying on him from a window and Tweeting every move he made inside his flat. Cumberbatch admitted that this eerie incident was one of the scariest things he had ever experienced.

By converting this roof space, it seems he is trying to recreate the happiest memories of his youth, when he stood on the skyline terrace of his parents’ West London flat and watched the city.

He claimed the biggest regret of his life was that he hadn¿t been a father by his early 30s ¿ when he had still been with Olivia

He claimed the biggest regret of his life was that he hadn¿t been a father by his early 30s ¿ when he had still been with Olivia

His greatest thrill was to see a helicopter take off from nearby Kensington Palace, home to the Prince and Princess of Wales.

Apart from this relatively modest Hampstead property, Cumberbatch has no portfolio of houses, no flashy cars, no expensive hobbies. He is director of a firm called Red Brick Marketing Unlimited — a tacit dig at the Oxbridge set, perhaps? — set up last year, but it has yet to file accounts with Companies House.

Friends regard him as kind and quietly generous. He’ll cheerfully turn up on set with a round of coffees, handing them out as if he’s one of the catering team. But he doesn’t lavish gifts on friends or throw showy parties.

In fact, he is so unused to splashing the cash that when he did recently treat himself to a new wardrobe of clothes, after bulking up in the gym for Star Trek, he accidentally went over the limit on his credit card and had to borrow money from friends to pay for dinner.

Most movie stars, of course, have credit limits so high that they couldn’t overspend in a Porsche showroom, never mind a men’s outfitters.

It seems he has never forgotten his parents’ privations, when they emptied their savings accounts to meet his school fees. Still intent on becoming a father, he may already be investing to cover the cost of his future children’s education.

On the eve of the Star Trek launch, as builders finished work on the apartment in Hampstead, the actor made his clearest statement ever on his private life. ‘I’m building a home at the moment,’ he said, ‘and it would be nice to fill that home with love and children.’

One enterprising fan tried to act on that. She elbowed her way to the edge of the red carpet at the film premiere, brandishing a placard that read: ‘Benedict, I’m pregnant! And it’s yours.’

Real love, commitment and family won’t be so simple. However much he yearns for stability, Benedict Cumberbatch has a habit of sabotaging his own happiness.



Behind The Scenes Video Discussing Benedict “Cumberbunch”

**This was too funny…

Benedict Black Mass Images

Ace photo of Benedict Cumberbatch & the band from Black Mass filming courtesy of @grt1888 
Cumberbatchweb cumberbatchweb



Behind the Scenes of Third Star

Benedict Arriving On The Set Of Black Mass



Behind The Scenes Of Sherlock Season 3




Benedict Suit For Auction




Empire Magazine’s The Imitation Game Feature

A Bootable Mind: Benedict Cumberbatch is tortured, code-breaking maths genius Alan Turing in Oscar hopeful The Imitation Game

“Everybody feels it’s an important story to tell and wants to be part of it. It’s been phenomenal.” For his English-language debut, Norwegian director Morten Tyldum couldn’t really have a higher calibre cast: Benedict Cumberbatch as genius codebreaker Alan Turing, Keira Knightley as his confidante and sometime fiancée, supporting roles filled by the likes of Matthew Goode, Mark Strong and Rory Kinnear. “Anybody you ask, they say ‘Of course I want to do this!’”

Tyldum’s 2011 adaptation of Jo Nesbo’s crime novel Headhunters secured audiences and adoration, yet it hardly suggested him for a period piece about a British mathematician.

But Turing was no ordinary number-cruncher. Best known for his work as a genius codebreaker at Bletchey Park during World War II, he was crucial to the fight against the Nazis. However, he died in disgrace in 1954, after having been convicted of “gross indecency” for a gay relationship. Given how much British society has changed since the 1940s, you could argue that a Scandinavian director is no more a stranger to it than a contemporary UK filmmaker would be.

“That you could actually, just for being gay, have to choose between chemical castration—having to take hormones that are so heavy, serious, that you cannot function sexually at all—or be sent to jail… It’s incredible,” says Tyldum. “But there’s so much more. It is such a complex story. It was the gay rights element, but also how his ideas were kept secret and how incredibly important his work was during the war, that he was never given credit for it. It’s such a complicated life and that’s why it’s been a privilege to try and make it as many-sided as possible.”

Add the casting of Cumberbatch and this could well crack the Oscar code. “Not all actors can play geniuses and Benedict can do it so well because there’s such an inner life,” says Tyldum. “His portrayal of Turing is beautiful.”

—Empire Magazine, August 2014 issue



Sorry Johnny Depp But Benedict Cumberbatch Is The Hunk Of The Black Mass Set

Benedict Cumberbatch has officially started work on his new movie Black Mass, and while the film also stars Johnny Depp it’s pretty clear who the resident on-set hunk is.

After enjoying a couple of months off, where he was spotted at the tennis and checking out the Chelsea Flower Show, Benedict is back to work this week. The Sherlock star has been spotted shooting scenes for his new movie on the streets of Boston.

Benedict was looking suave in a suit and tie for the ’70s and ’80s set movie as he shot scenes yesterday, with fans soon posting images online.

Johnny and Benedict in one movie sounds like a dream combo, but don’t get too excited as the US star looks completely different for his lead role as real life mobster Whitey Bulger.

Johnny has been on set for a few weeks now, sporting a bald head (don’t worry it’s not real).

While Johnny and his on-screen girlfriend Dakota Johnson(**explains Benedict and Dakota’s lunch date) have been busy shooting their scenes, Benedict has only just started filming after reportedly replacing Guy Pearce in the movie.

Cumberbatch plays the role of Billy Bulger, Whitey’s Massachusetts State Senator brother while The Great Gatsby star Joel Edgerton is playing FBI agent John Connolly.

Breaking Bad actor Jesse Plemons is also on board as Bulger’s longtime partner in crime, Kevin Weeks, while Sienna Miller plays Whitey’s lover, Catherine Greig.


Benedict Cumberbatch and the case of the blood libel

Bendict Cumberbatch as Sherlock

He is known for playing Sherlock Holmes – and it turns out that solving mysteries is a family tradition for Benedict Cumberbatch, whose great-great- grandfather helped thwart a 19th century blood libel.

In the summer of 1872, Robert William Cumberbatch was serving as British consul in Turkey, when a woman accused the Jews of the city of Smyrna of abducting and torturing her child. According to the JC’s report, anti-Jewish rioting began but ceased after Cumberbatch “held an inquest… and it proved she was of unsound mind”.

Cumberbatch was clearly convinced the Jews deserved his help, writing later: “I sincerely trust the day may not be far distant when the Jewish nation throughout the world may be respected in the same manner as it is in our own happy country”.

This was not the only time he intervened on behalf of the Jews of Smyrna, home to thousands of Jews and the site of continuous fighting between the Greek population and the Ottoman rulers. When Cumberbatch died in post in 1876, the local chief rabbi and other Jewish notables attended the funeral and the JC commented that the community had “sustained a great loss” of someone who had “at all times befriended them”.

A pogrom in Smyrna was prevented by Benedict Cumberbatch's ancestor

His most significant intervention occurred in 1872, at Pesach, when the Smyrna Greeks accused the Jews of murdering a child and attacked the Jewish quarter, killing two people. According to a JC report, “the Greek mob” threatened “to fire the whole city and massacre the Jews”.

Mr Cumberbatch made representations to the authorities, going to such great lengths that the secretary of the Anglo-Jewish Association, Herbert Lousada, wrote to The Times praising him for having “protected the sufferers as if he had been their coreligionist”.

In a despatch back to Britain on June 22, 1872, Mr Cumberbatch noted that “the measures… have had the desired effect of almost putting a stop to the animosity exhibited by the Greeks to the Jews of Smyrna”.

He was not the only member of the Cumberbatch family who took a favourable view towards the Jews. A JC report from 1909 notes that Robert’s son, Henry Arnold, the consul in Beirut, inspected the Jewish Alliance Israelite school in the city and rated it highly, ensuring its funding.

In what may be a subconscious nod to his ancestors, Benedict Cumberbatch is said to be a big fan of the restaurant at JW3.


Louise Brealey: Benedict Cumberbatch kiss in Sherlock gave me 7,000 Twitter followers in 5 minutes

After she locked lips with Benedict Cumberbatch, the actress says the reaction was “completely crackers”

She was the envy of the nation, and Louise Brealey’s popularity skyrocketed when she locked lips with Benedict Cumberbatch.

The actress plays lovelorn Molly Hooper in Sherlock, and in the third series of the BBC drama she was in a fantasy scene which saw her kiss the famed detective in a lab.

Louise, who admitted it was “hot”, explained the reaction was “completely crackers” and she gained thousands of new followers on social networking within minutes of their smooch being aired.

She told Radio Times: “It went completely crackers when the show came out.

“I got 7,000 Twitter followers within five minutes of that kiss airing. It had doubled by the time the episode ended.”

Molly Hooper kissing Sherlock

Thankfully, any messages she got from her new fans were generally supportive of her kiss with the hunk rather than bitter, which she thinks is down to her character being “ordinary”.

She explained: “She’s unthreatening. She’s an ordinary woman experiencing the agony of unrequited love, and most of us have been there.”

Meanwhile, she will be appearing in new indie film Delicious soon, and she thinks her role of bulimia sufferer Stella will connect with many young women.

She added: “I get a lot of tweets from young women who struggle with body image, who self-harm, who have eating disorders.

“One in four of us is going to have a mental-health issue and yet we pretend it’s not happening.”

**Here is a video trailer of Louise’s new film, “Delicious”, warning, some nudity, but it looks great..


Behind The Scenes Black Mass Images



Today I saw Benedict Cumberbatch in real life.


More Black Mass BTS Images




More Images of Benedict Visiting Black Mass Set

Photo: At the set of Black Mass ~ Loki



Another Black Mass BTS Look


Black Mass Cupcake

sodelightfully:</p> <p>Cumbercupcake: First look of Ben’s Billy Bulger on Black Mass yayy!!</p> <p>I’m going to cry over this perfection.  sodelightfully is THE BEST!!!!!



New Black Mass Image


New Images From The Imitation Game



Support The Fight Against ALS MND!

sodelightfully:</p> <p>Let’s celebrate Benedict’s Birthday by support the fight against ALS MND, donate here;fr_id=10054&amp;pg=personal#.U6Sq3XG9Kc0 :D</p> <p>awww :)

Let’s celebrate Benedict’s Birthday by support the fight against ALS MND, donate here..


Benedict On The Set Of Black Mass

**Here are some new images of Benedict filming a scene of his upcoming movie, “Black Mass”. Looks good.




Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

Doctor Strange Benedict Cumberbatch Tom Hardy Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

While Marvel Studios runs down the clock searching for a director to fill the void left behind by Edgar Wright’s departure from Ant-Man – a film that was supposed to begin shooting right around now – they’re also already on the hunt for another franchise star. Joining Ant-Man in Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will be Doctor Strange, a movie that found a director in Scott Derrickson (Sinister) this week despite not having a release date.

Given that Marvel has locked down a summer date in July 2016 and will undoubtedly have a pair of features in 2017, the easy assumption is to say that that master of mysticism will have his big screen debut in 2016, two months after Captain America 3. We’ll find out for certainthis July at San Diego Comic-Con, where Marvel Studios president of production Kevin Feige tends to make major announcements, and this year we can expect to find out the full Phase 3 slate.

We can also expect to see the first footage for The Avengers: Age of Ultron, and if they’re especially ambitious, maybe they’ll bring out some actors for their upcoming movies- maybe even Doctor Strange himself. We’ve known for sometime that Marvel was in talks and looking at a few actors for the part, and according to Deadline, two of the names Marvel is looking are are Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch.

Marvel Doctor Strange Fan Logo mrsteiners 570x236 Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

If the decision were to come down to just these two names you can count on Cumberbatch being the top choice. He’s ripe for the picking when it comes to the mightily coveted comic book superhero role (and the lengthy multi-picture contract that comes with it) and he brings a unique charm and quirkiness (see: Sherlock) that would add flavor to The Avengers. There’s also the fact that Hardy has a big potential franchises in development in Mad Max and Ubisoft’s Splinter Cell and he still has fans impersonating his Bane voice from The Dark Knight Rises.

Doctor Strange Marvel Movie Fan Poster pencilsandnougats 570x789 Doctor Strange: Marvel Interested in Benedict Cumberbatch and Tom Hardy

Cumberbatch has been a common staple among fan wishlists for Marvel movie castings (including our own for Doctor Strange) and he even visited Marvel HQ last year and appeared on their podcast. He was a frequently rumored and reported name of interest for Disney’s Star Wars: Episode VII but maybe that was for Disney’s Marvel branch instead?

Scott Derrickson will direct Doctor Strange from a screenplay by Thomas Dean Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer. No release date has been set.

Guardians of the Galaxy opens August 1, 2014, The Avengers: Age of Ultron on May 1, 2015, Ant-Man on July 17, 2015, Captain America 3 on May 6 2016, and unannounced films for July 8 2016 and May 5 2017.

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