Rodney Crowell on the new Hank Williams film…

Rodney Crowell on ‘I Saw The Light’ – a film about the life of Hank Williams

**This is an awesome little interview by country legend Rodney Crowell on working with Tom Hiddleston in I Saw The Light. Click the image above to hear article… Or read below.

RC: It is a very unflinching look at the creative life of Hank Williams, and the lead actor is… is.. is a young man named Tom Hiddleston.

His father is of Scottish decent and Tom is a Cambridge educated, Shakespearean actor, but he came to Nashville and spent, you know, five weeks at my house and dedicated himself wholly to mastering Hank Williams, you know, to be able to yodel, (laughs) and you know to speak Southern. You know that man worked extremely hard and I couldn’t be any more impressed with the work ethic and the effort he put forward and I do know the filmmakers are dedicated to making a film that doesn’t gloss over the truth about someone that creative who was dead at 29.

BBC: Yeah. It’s about time though isn’t it? I mean it really is overdue to have a really good Hank Williams movie. The good news for people who love Hank and who love your music is your in charge of the music, you assembled the songs is that is that right?

RC: Yeah, yeah. I produced the music and did a wee bit of acting in it, I played…

BBC: We want to see this…

RC: Yeah, I actually play Hank Williams father Lon..

BBC: I love it.

RC: One scene. One, you know, credible scene I guess. It was good fun, good work and, uh.. very enjoyable. You know, film making is hard work.


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