Vogue: 10 Unconventional Alternatives to the Sexiest Man Alive

Though the distinction of Sexiest Man Alive is handed out each year with fanfare, the tradition hardly provides a definitive overview of what’s sexy at a given moment. Depending on the hottie in question, debate surrounding the title ranges from heated (recall the epic Bradley Cooper vs. Ryan Gosling showdown of 2011) to confused (some are still scratching their heads over Adam Levine’s win). This year’s announcement, anointing sports icon-turned-underwear pinup David Beckham, offers an appealingly populist pick, but feels a touch obvious. With the cultural pendulum (finally) swinging toward a less rigid definition of sex appeal, there’s never been more room for a broader range of options. Here, 10 convention-defying hotties, including he of the ecstatic following Benedict Cumberbatch and Canadian politician-dreamboat Justin Trudeau.

Benedict Cumberbatch
For his army of online admirers, Benedict Cumberbatch is the sexiest man ever to exist. But even if you aren’t ready to take on the title of “Cumberbitch,” listening to him read Shakespeare makes a compelling case for hotness.

Tom Hiddleston
(See: Cumberbatch, Benedict.)


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