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Tom Hiddleston Is Flirting With All Of Us In This Exclusive Song From “I Saw The Light”

I Saw the Light director Marc Abraham told BuzzFeed News that Loki makes a great Hank Williams. Plus, the premiere of one of Hiddleston’s tracks from the movie.

On the day Tom Hiddleston performed “Hey Good Lookin’” as Hank Williams for the biopic I Saw the Light, director and writer Marc Abraham lined the rows of an arena with as many extras as he could muster. It was freezing cold in the venue, and the logistics of doing multiple takes of a music performance in that setting — which had been designed to resemble a large cow palace in Montgomery, Alabama, in the early 1950s — meant long hours for the cast and crew. At that point in the Hank Williams story, the legendary country star was thin and exhausted; the scene was one of personal strife, bodily wear, and bittersweet homecoming.

With all the potential for chaos and fatigue that day, Hiddleston sang. And then he sang some more. Even between takes, the actor would perform the swaths of Williams’ catalog for the entire ensemble. “Tom was brilliant. He kept the crowd going by singing songs endlessly,” Abraham told BuzzFeed News in a phone interview. “He would sing the whole repertoire, just to keep them warm.”

But Abraham explained that the film — due in theaters starting on March 25 — is less of a “typical biopic,” and more about the entertainment industry and “what it is to be an artist as a young man.” He added, “It’s not about following all this guy’s greatest hits.”

Adapting Colin Escott’s Williams biography I Saw the Light for the screen came with risks that started long before that cold day spent shooting “Hey Good Lookin’.” Simply securing the rights was “insane,” then came the fact-checking for historical accuracy, and then the music itself, which Abraham insisted be performed live by his cast, as opposed to lip-synched or performed by a separate vocal artist.

“When I first talked to Tom, I said, ‘One, you’ll have to be able to sing the songs,’” Abraham remembered. “‘And, two, you’ll never sound exactly like Hank Williams.’”

Instead of attempting a carbon copy of Williams’ songs, Abraham directed Hiddleston to approximate the “emotional impact” that the legendary singer inflected. The British actor has sung for other projects, and can play piano and guitar — plus, he’s undergone plenty of physical transformations for roles, like Loki for the Marvel movies or Thomas Sharpe in Crimson Peak.

Tom Hiddleston Is Flirting With All Of Us In This Exclusive Song From “I Saw The Light”

For I Saw the Light, he went through a sort of Southern bootcamp to fully absorb the iconic role of Williams: He lived with country singer-songwriter Rodney Crowell in his house for a month for an education on blues, country, and gospel music, and he learned to sing with a twang. The film’s dialect coach broke down the script phonetically, so that Williams’ Alabaman accent was literally spelled out on Hiddleston’s pages.

“He really had a great ear. The Southern regional accents are more complicated, so I hoped he would get into the nuance, and he did,” Abraham said of the actor’s efforts to transform his voice.

But no matter how naturally the role came to Hiddleston, Abraham could still tell he was nervous.

“There were moments when we would argue, and I knew that what we were arguing about wasn’t what we were arguing about. I think it was a delay tactic,” the director said with a laugh. “He is such a perfectionist. I don’t like to do a lot of takes. The most takes we did on this film was 11. But Tom would do 400 if he could. We would still be making this movie if it was up to Tom.”

"Hey Good Lookin'" is the first track on the I Saw the Light soundtrack, due March 25 with the release of the movie. Check out the tracklist below.


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Tom Hiddleston ’embarrassed’ by his dancing skills

Tom Hiddleston is embarrassed by his dancing skills.

The 34-year-old actor became an online sensation after he was asked to show some of his moves during an interview on a Korean chat-show.

He shared: “God, it’s so embarrassing. It was a big public Q&A, there were 7,000 people there, and I was taking questions from the audience. Somebody asked: ‘Of what body part are you most proud?’

“That’s just a wrong question, to which there are only wrong answers. So I said: ‘My feet’ and they said: ‘Why?’ and I said: ‘Without my feet, I couldn’t run and I couldn’t dance.’ And they said: ‘Well, now we have to see you dance.’ So I danced… And I created a monster. There we go.”

Meanwhile, Hiddleston also claimed his time at boarding school helped transform him from a vulnerable child into a more resilient young man.

The ‘Thor’ actor told the Observer newspaper: “I was very vulnerable when I first went. I went to boarding school when I was seven and then I sort of learned how to deal with it. So I must have somehow got more independent through that experience.

“I don’t think it was … I’ve never sort of had analysis about this or anything, so I have no idea, but … You just kind of move on. It wasn’t damaging, but I’m sure it made me independent.”


Tom Hiddleston Says Debate Over Eton Educated Actors ‘Socially Divisive’

Tom Hiddleston

Tom Hiddleston has denied that rich Brits get all the good acting jobs.

The 34-year-old, who like fellow superstar Englishmen Eddie Redmayne and Hugh Laurie was educated at Eton College — the poshest of posh English boarding schools — told the Guardian, “There are so many successful actors who didn’t go there … Like Michael Fassbender and Daniel Craig and Domhnall Gleeson and Luke Evans and Gemma Arterton and Andrea Riseborough. There’s so many, the list goes on and on and on. Idris Elba.”

Hiddleston said the class privilege debate is “socially divisive in a way it shouldn’t be, because I think wherever you are from you should be able to follow your passion. Wherever you went to school, if you have something authentic to contribute, you should be allowed to. There is an acknowledged problem of access and inequality of opportunity — I don’t know how to remedy that. But yeah, I’m on everyone’s side; I’m on the side of the actors. I’m not there to divide the world into pieces.”

Of his own boarding school experience, Hiddleston said, “I was very vulnerable when I first went. I went to boarding school when I was seven and then I sort of learned how to deal with it. So I must have somehow got more independent through that experience. I don’t think it was… I’ve never sort of had analysis about this or anything, so I have no idea, but… You just kind of move on. It wasn’t damaging, but I’m sure it made me independent.”

Hiddleston most recently played Hank Williams in “I Saw the Light.”  When preparing for roles, “I suppose I’m fascinated by the private vulnerability and the exterior of people,” Hiddleston said. “I think that’s an essential truth. I sort of quite like trying to find what makes people tick behind the construction of their identity.”


Tom Hiddleston Sings the Songs of Hank Williams on the “I Saw the Light” Soundtrack

When Tom Hiddleston hits the big screen as Hank Williams in I Saw the Light, he won’t be lip-syncing to one of Williams’ records. That will be Hiddleston’s own voice along with the group the Saddle Spring Boys.

Hiddleston, who is probably best known for playing Loki in a number of Thor and Avengers movies, was born in England, so it is a bit of a stretch for him to not only take on the southern persona of Williams, but also to sing his numerous classic songs.

In preparation for his role as Williams, Hiddleston honed his singing and guitar skills working with country singer, executive music producer, and soundtrack album co-producer Rodney Crowell. “After nearly a month spent collaborating with this gifted artist, I’m as respectful of the man’s work ethic as I’m mystified by his transformational skills,” said Crowell. “Without a doubt, the filmmakers chose the right actor for the job.”

I Saw the Light is based on the book Hank Williams: The Biography by Colin Escott, and William (Bill) MacEwen. The film is slated for release in in New York, Los Angeles and Nashville on Friday, March 25 and nationwide on Friday, April 1st. In conjunction with the film’s release, Legacy Recordings will release the official soundtrack album for the film on March 25 through all digital platforms.

Hiddleston takes on such Williams classics as Hey Good Lookin’, Move It On Over, Jambalaya, Why Don’t You Love Me and Honky Tonkin’ while filling out the album are a variety of popular recordings contemporaneous to Hank’s life and career, including Eddy Arnold’s Anytime (1949), The Delmore Brothers’ Field Hand Man (1951), Jo Stafford’s The Tennessee Waltz (1950), Jimmy Liggins’ That’s What’s Knockin’ Me Out (1951), Eartha Kitt’s Santa Baby (1953), George Morgan’s Please Don’t Let Me Love You (1949) and Emmett Miller’s Lovesick Blues (1925), a show tune famously covered, and made a #1 Top C&W hit, by Hank Williams in 1949.

The track list:

  • Hey Good Lookin’ – Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys
    Move It On Over – Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys
    Anytime – Eddy Arnold
    Field Hand Man – The Delmore Brothers
    Jambalaya – Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys
    The Tennessee Waltz – Jo Stafford
    My Bucket’s Got a Hole In It – Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys
    That’s What’s Knockin’ Me Out – Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys
    Santa Baby – Eartha Kitt
    Why Don’t You Love Me – Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys
    Please Don’t Let Me Love You – George Morgan
    Honky Tonkin’ – Tom Hiddleston and the Saddle Spring Boys
    Lovesick Blues – Emmett Miller

The Saddle Spring Boys:

  • Richard Bennett (Guitar)
    Luke Bulla (Fiddle)
    Rodney Crowell (Guitar and Vocals)
    Stuart Duncan (Fiddle)
    Larry Franklin (Fiddle)
    Wes Langlois (Guitar)
    Tim Lauer (Organ)
    Mickey Raphael (Harmonica)
    Michael Rinne (Bass)
    Chris Scruggs (Steel Guitar and Vocals)
    Nathaniel Smith (Cello)
    Takeio Stroud (Drums)


Benedict Cumberbatch fans’ fury over $3k fee to meet Sherlock stars…

Just three months ago, Benedict Cumberbatch shocked a London theater audience when he delivered a four-letter word rant after playing Hamlet, begging theater-goers to donate to Syrian refugees.

But this week it’s his loyal fans who have been left flabbergasted, as they learn they are expected to fork out a staggering £3,000 to meet the actors from his BBC Sherlock drama series at the annual Sherlocked convention.

The three-day event, being held at London’s ExCel Centre, offers varying levels of access depending on how much you are willing to pay. But the only ticket that grants direct access to the main players is the ‘VIP package’, which costs £2,999 and an extra £1 transaction fee.

Loyal Benedict Cumberbatch fans have been left shocked after learning they are expected to fork out a staggering £3,000 to meet actors from his Sherlock drama at the annual three-day Sherlocked convention in London. Pictured: Benedict as Sherlock (right) alongside co-star Martin Freeman in the BBC drama

Fans of Cumberbatch, who attended last year, wasted no time when the tickets were announced on Wednesday to vent their anger via social media.

‘Shouldn’t Benedict be asking his fans to donate that money to the refugees?’ one asked, while another wrote: ‘The VIP pass for Sherlocked is 3000 pounds? WHO PAYS THIS MUCH???’

Cumberbatch and his co-star Martin Freeman’s attendance this autumn has not yet been confirmed, so anyone paying the full whack might not even meet them. If this happens, they will not get a refund.

This caveat is not good enough for disgruntled fan Marie Garner, who explains on the event’s website: ‘I want to buy a ticket, but coming from the U.S. I would want to know that Benedict will be there.’

The September event’s marketing director, Jill Ubdegrove, says: ‘All the money from ticket sales goes back into the event. It will go towards things like the venue and catering and the cost of hosting the actors.’

A spokeswoman for Cumberbatch adds: ‘Benedict is filming [Marvel Comics superhero] Doctor Strange, so it’s unlikely he is aware of how much the tickets cost. He attended last year but I don’t know if he will this year, because of work.’

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The Night Manager :
Official poster (in Spanish) and new promotional photos!

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