Exclusive Q&A: Tom Hiddleston Talks “KONG: SKULL ISLAND” Fangoria…

October 2015

FANG: Can you talk a little about KONG: SKULL ISLAND and your role in that film?

HIDDLESTON: I don’t want to reveal too much, because I love surprising people, but I will tell you that it’s a truly new reinterpretation of the myth. The power of the original story is still the same—there’s something extraordinary about Kong as a metaphor—but we place him in a new environment with different kinds of characters who relate to him in very distinct ways. There’s a different kind of female protagonist, a different kind of male protagonist; my role is sort of heroic, but he’s absolutely not in a profession that’s recognizable from other Kong films, and neither is Brie Larson’s character. I can promise that you’ll be excited by it, and I personally am excited by the nobility and the charisma of my part. I spent the last year kind of digging around in dark areas for Thomas Sharpe and [Ben Wheatley’s] HIGH-RISE and Hank Williams [in the upcoming I SAW THE LIGHT], and so to play this character in KONG, it feels like a refreshing break from that.

FANG: Have you seen concept art of Kong or any other creatures that might be in the film?

HIDDLESTON: Oh, I have. They look amazing, truly. The sketches are some of the early stuff that I was inspired by, when Jordan came on. Within weeks, he took me into what he calls “the war room,” which is where he keeps all his concept art. It’s a huge, four-walled space that’s covered in art—poster designs, the way the island is going to look… We’re shooting it in lots of different places, to make Skull Island a composite of some of the most breathtaking locations on this Earth.



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