From Stream Magazine (Sweden)

(Translated from Swedish by Google Translate)

It is Tom Hiddleston versus Hugh Laurie in The Night Manager based on a spy novel by John Le Carré. On February 22 is the premiere of the C More.

Danish Susanne Bier directed the mini-series. The Night Manager is a collaboration between the US AMC and the British BBC. The story is in the TV series set in the present, but is based on a bestseller in 1993 of spy novels champion John Le Carré in Sweden received the title Network Service. In fact, it is the first time in over 20 years as a Le Carré Dick worked for television.

Tom Hiddleston (The Avengers) plays the former British soldier Jonathan Pine is a night porter at a luxury hotel when he is recruited by an intelligence officer, played by Olivia Colman (Broadchurch). His mission is to infiltrate the inner circle of a criminal weapon is gang led by the charming but very violent Richard Onslow Roper (Hugh Laurie, House).

Pine’s own morality is tested in the dangerous cat-and-mouse game with Roper. “We live in a seemingly transparent society. Everybody knows everything about each other, yet it feels like there are so many secrets at the highest level. We will always be curious about what’s going on behind closed doors, and The Night Manager affect this,” said Hiddleston on AMC’s TCA day in Pasadena where he described his character as a man who looks calm on the surface but has a turbulent and chaotic inside.

The intelligence officer played by a pregnant Olivia Colman is a man in the book. The TV team therefore needed John Le Carré’s approval to transform Leonard Burr into Angela Burr. “As part of the modernization of the story we needed a woman in a position of power,” explained executive producer Simon Cornwell.

The Danish director Susanne Bier (The Revenge, Guest Oskar) has directed all eight sections: “The Night Manager is a very exciting thriller with great emotional depth. Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston will play Roper and Pine is so thrilling to me. Their soulfulness, precision and sharp humor will seduce all of us,” said Bier before recording.

Mini-series, consisting of eight episodes, premieres on the streaming service, C More on 22 February.



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