Tom Hiddleston ’embarrassed’ by his dancing skills

Tom Hiddleston is embarrassed by his dancing skills.

The 34-year-old actor became an online sensation after he was asked to show some of his moves during an interview on a Korean chat-show.

He shared: “God, it’s so embarrassing. It was a big public Q&A, there were 7,000 people there, and I was taking questions from the audience. Somebody asked: ‘Of what body part are you most proud?’

“That’s just a wrong question, to which there are only wrong answers. So I said: ‘My feet’ and they said: ‘Why?’ and I said: ‘Without my feet, I couldn’t run and I couldn’t dance.’ And they said: ‘Well, now we have to see you dance.’ So I danced… And I created a monster. There we go.”

Meanwhile, Hiddleston also claimed his time at boarding school helped transform him from a vulnerable child into a more resilient young man.

The ‘Thor’ actor told the Observer newspaper: “I was very vulnerable when I first went. I went to boarding school when I was seven and then I sort of learned how to deal with it. So I must have somehow got more independent through that experience.

“I don’t think it was … I’ve never sort of had analysis about this or anything, so I have no idea, but … You just kind of move on. It wasn’t damaging, but I’m sure it made me independent.”



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