Hugh Laurie wanted to make The Night Manager 25 years ago – and play Tom Hiddleston’s part

Hugh Laurie and Tom Hiddleston in BBC One's The Night Manager

Hugh Laurie plays “the worst man in the world” in BBC One’s The Night Manager – but things might have turned out very differently.

Laurie – a “devoted admirer” of spy writer John le Carré ​- attempted to option the rights to the author’s 1993 book when it was first published.

What’s more, he had designs on playing the novel’s protagonist – hotel night manager Jonathan Pine – in any potential adaptation.

 ” ​I rather arrogantly dreamed of the possibility of playing the character of Pine – and have had to sit back now and watch Tom Hiddleston be virile and charming – and it’s f**king galling to watch,” he quipped, at a recent press launch.
Instead, Laurie is cast as the villain of the piece – Richard Roper, a cruel but charismatic arms dealer whose fate becomes inexorably linked with Pine’s.
Hugh Laurie as Richard Roper in BBC One's The Night Manager
“The character Richard Roper had always been, in my mind, incredibly vivid – from the novel, and also in the script,” Laurie said.

“What is so frightening about Roper is his competence, his intelligence, his confidence, his imagination, his daring. These are the qualities that make him dangerous, besides malice and cruelty – which he also possesses.

“I don’t think there’s any harm in acknowledging that the devil has good tunes. Of course, the devil is bound to have a superficial charm – there must be something seductive about him, otherwise he’d be a pretty useless devil.”

The Night Manager ​will arrive on BBC One later this month.



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