Benedict Cumberbatch has never appeared so sweet…

After sculpting a Belgian chocolate Benedict Cumberbatch last year, the team at Chocolatician is selling a new mold of Cumberbatch as a chocolate bunny. The 400-gram Cumberbunny, as it’s known, comes in dark, milk, and white chocolate, and pricing starts at £50.00, the U.S. equivalent of approximately $70. The white chocolate version even comes with an edible 22-carat gold bow tie.

Unfortunately, U.K.-based Chocolatician is no longer accepting U.S. orders, so American fans will have to head to Europe to get their Cumberbunny fix, or wait until the shop releases more celebrity bunnies, as they promise to do.

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If a trip across the pond isn’t on the itinerary right now, check out pics of the Cumberbunny, courtesy of Chocolatician, below:

**What is there to say?? (:



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