The Night Manager SEX scene shocks flustered viewers after seeing Tom Hiddleston’s ”peachy backside”

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Sex scene in The Night ManagerSex scene in The Night Manager

The Night Manager shocked viewers on Sunday night after Tom Hiddleston was involved in a steamy sexy scene.The 35-year-old hunk, who plays Jonathan Pine in the popular series, saw his character advanced his relationship with ‘forbidden fruit’ Jed Marshal, played by Elizabeth Debicki.

Viewers knew moment of passion was coming – as the characters have grown close, despite Jed being ‘off the menu’ – but were flustered after seeing the star’s ”peachy backside”.

When the scene aired viewers flocked to Twitter to give their views, with one asking: “Is it because of the sex scene that everything Hiddles now says sounds saucy and as if his voice is right in my ear?”

Another posted: “Well, I never thought I’d see Tom Hiddleston having sex against a wall. Naughty boy. #TheNightManager”

“Tom is very persuasive ;),” said another.

One viewer was impressed with the character’s pulling skills, saying: “Tom is so f***ing smooth”

While another was still in shock, adding: “that was a steamy sex scene and a half jesus god damn christ i need adult supervision #TheNightManager”

“Sex scene. THEY PANT. THEY GROAN. THEY PANT. And scene. #TheNightManager #TheAunties Much giggling,” added another.

While one viewer said: “I’m seriously conflicted to watch #TheNightManager, I don’t want ot see another useless sex scene ”



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