Tom Hiddleston: My sisters helped me understand women…


Tom Hiddleston says he understands women — thanks to his “strong-minded, independent” mother and sisters.

The Night Manager star, 35, has two sisters — Sarah Hiddleston, who is a journalist, and Emma, an actress. His mother Diana is a stage manager.

 The actor, pictured, told Hello! magazine that noticing a woman’s new haircut was a must, as was supporting what she was doing.

“My sisters are very strong-minded, independent women — as is my mother — and I’ve learned a lot from them.

“When I was about 16, I had friends who had grown up exclusively around men and they didn’t understand women at all.

“I like to think that through growing up with my sisters I have a sense of who women are, of their needs, their diversity and all those lovely things.”

The actor, who has been romantically linked to actresses including Elizabeth Olsen and Jessica Chastain, said he was in no rush to marry. “I’m open to the possibility but you know what they say — you can’t go looking for it, it has to come to you.”

Hiddleston, whose performance as a spy in BBC drama The Night Manager is seen by some as his “warm-up” to becoming the new James Bond, brushed off the rumors as speculation.

He said he enjoys going to the pub when he is not working abroad. “I’ve been working hard lately,” he said. “As I’ve got older, I’ve become reassured by being surrounded by family and old friends. That feeling is very nice.”



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