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Message From Louise Brealey For Benedict Fans…



Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Sherlock Season 4, 25 April 2016…

Benedict Cumberbatch on the set of Sherlock Season 4, 25 April 2016


Sherlock (BBC) ~ Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Gatiss, Sue Vertue, Louise Brealey behind the scenes during Season 4 filming…


From Cast Of Sherlock To Fans…


Tom Hiddleston & Louise Brealey, Letters Live: All the ladies like whiskers…

Letters Live at Freemasons’ Hall, Covent Garden

Fan Account Of Sherlocked Event


IT is hard to convey to someone who just doesn’t “get it“, just how much an event like Sherlocked can give a girl like me.

“It is just a TV show”, they said. “It’s nothing more than paid-for stalking,” they imply. Do I care what they think? Nope. Because what’s just happened will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I paid out for a gold pass and it was perfect, in my opinion, for a busy and rewarding convention experience. I know people who got a basic weekend pass and loved it equally, so there really was something for everyone.

As a first-time foray into the world of convention, I thought it was bloody brilliant. There were a few things I would probably change for future events, but overall, I came away realizing I didn’t have any time where I did not have something to do or see, in fact I didn’t eat at all while the event was going on.

I really liked the picture experience, and particularly the dance music which played in Photo Booth 1 which really ramped up the atmosphere and excitement. I was worried I would look stupid, but I came away happy with all but one of them! The joy shone through my goofiness I think. I got oodles of cuddles, lots of silliness and even Rupert Graves shouting “NOT REALLY” in my ear.

And then there was Benedict. I had my drawing to give him, but there didn’t appear to be a gift table as I had been told there probably would be. So, I chanced it, and got ready to give it to him at the photo. No one stopped me, and I couldn’t believe it. The conversation between us was a bit of a ramble, but he looked at it for some time, and said he loved it. He asked if I would like to have it in our photo, so we did. He was wonderful, and charming, and I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity.

Minutes later, I saw him very briefly again, as I was lucky enough to have a group photo with my dear friends Linda and Sheridan, which was FANTASTIC! And then it was time for the talk. It was very interesting, Benedict was jovial and happy although I later found out he was really unwell. The fact he didn’t cancel was nothing short of a miracle, let alone fulfill his thousands of obligations.

Anyway, I stuck my hand up for a questions. I still don’t know why. And I got picked. What followed is so embarrassing.

Me: “Hello, I’m Clare and I’m from the Isle of Wight.”

Benedict: “Where are you Clare? Oh, there you are, hello Clare.”

Me: “Hello darling.”


He laughed, said he married on the Island. I asked my question and he gave me a long and interesting answer – it felt like we were the only people in the room for a split second 🙂

After that, Saturday was a blur but we ended it with a great group pic in Mycroft’s Office with my girls Bex, Ollie and Claire.

Sunday was more relaxed, and Mark and Andrew’s talk was one of the highlights with so much comedy. Una, Lara and Loo were next up and that was, again, a joy. Sunday was my friend Claire’s day. She got to meet Lara and her reaction was just amazing.

I treated myself to some extra autographs with Andrew, Una and Lars, signing the drawing I had had done. To have Andrew ask if I was a professional, and to have Louis Moffat ask to take a picture of it, was a real honour.

The weekend ended with me getting three hugs, an autograph and a “you tit” from Loo Brealey who I really love so much.

I never wanted it to end. And not because I wanted more of what I’ve just written. I wanted more time with a band of ladies (and one chap…that’s you super Thom) who aren’t just friends, they are kindred spirits, brought together by a show and some actor, who knows not who were are, but who, through his work, has enriched our lives exponentially.

This was my first EVER girlie weekend away with friends. I am almost 34. It’s taken me this long to find out who I really am. And it is thanks, in many ways, to them. To their spirit, their love, their support and their joy. I have a bright corner in my heart for them always. And to be able to have all we did this weekend, together, was hella magic.

As James Kimberly Griffith said: “You know, if this was heaven, I’d be pretty f****** chuffed.”

“Darling”, Clare? 😀

Ladies of Sherlock Talk | Sherlocked | 26.04.15

Benedict, Sophie Hunter & Tom Hiddleston At Letters Live

Letters of NoteAmazing. kylie minogueWOW @letterslive!!! What a beautiful, funny, touching and inspiring night. Thanks for having me!!


“Dearest Chris” Louise Brealey reads Bessie Moore’s love letter

Sherlock Louise Brealey Interview – Season 4 & Molly Hooper

Benedict & Louise Brealey To Read My Dear Bessie

Jamie Byng</p><br />
<p>  Benedict and @louisebrealey as Chris Barker and Bessie Moore from the beautiful love story My Dear Bessie Jamie Byng</p>
<p>  "The delay is nothing. The decision is everything." Chris Barker from My Dear Bessie as read by Benedict C

“The delay is nothing. The decision is everything.” Chris Barker from My Dear Bessie as read by Benedict C


Sherlock Cast Hard At Work On Set


Benedict & “Sherlock” Costar Louise Brealey Pose At GQ Awards


Damn watermarks ! 2014 09 02 - London - GQ Men Of The Year Awards by James Peltekian
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Headline : GQ Men Of The Year Awards 2014


Friends Thank Benedict Fans For Birthday Wishes




Louise Brealey: Benedict Cumberbatch kiss in Sherlock gave me 7,000 Twitter followers in 5 minutes

After she locked lips with Benedict Cumberbatch, the actress says the reaction was “completely crackers”

She was the envy of the nation, and Louise Brealey’s popularity skyrocketed when she locked lips with Benedict Cumberbatch.

The actress plays lovelorn Molly Hooper in Sherlock, and in the third series of the BBC drama she was in a fantasy scene which saw her kiss the famed detective in a lab.

Louise, who admitted it was “hot”, explained the reaction was “completely crackers” and she gained thousands of new followers on social networking within minutes of their smooch being aired.

She told Radio Times: “It went completely crackers when the show came out.

“I got 7,000 Twitter followers within five minutes of that kiss airing. It had doubled by the time the episode ended.”

Molly Hooper kissing Sherlock

Thankfully, any messages she got from her new fans were generally supportive of her kiss with the hunk rather than bitter, which she thinks is down to her character being “ordinary”.

She explained: “She’s unthreatening. She’s an ordinary woman experiencing the agony of unrequited love, and most of us have been there.”

Meanwhile, she will be appearing in new indie film Delicious soon, and she thinks her role of bulimia sufferer Stella will connect with many young women.

She added: “I get a lot of tweets from young women who struggle with body image, who self-harm, who have eating disorders.

“One in four of us is going to have a mental-health issue and yet we pretend it’s not happening.”

**Here is a video trailer of Louise’s new film, “Delicious”, warning, some nudity, but it looks great..


Hay Festival Pics

 photo tumblr_n6fryg6H5m1rnwoh4o1_1280_zpsa661d05a.jpg

 photo benedictcumberbatch_zps8256495d.jpg
 photo tumblr_n6gxm1tf2w1r7vhr2o3_1280_zpsf1058e2a.jpg
 photo tumblr_n6eidnYtHf1qdghnpo10_r1_500_zpsb3ac8efd.jpg
 photo 494824205_zpsfda60175.jpg

Benedict Cumberbatch and Louise Brealey read Chris and Besse at Letters Live, Hay Festival

**Part of the ‘Letters Live’ event at the Hay Festival 2014. Recorded in the Tata Tent on 31st May 2014. Benedict Cumberbatch and Louise Brealey read letters between WWII lovers Chris and Besse. This letter is taken from the book ‘To the Letter’ by Simon Garfield

This was the first of two pairs of letters they read. In these letters Chris and Besse plan to meet up and spend time together for the first time during his planned leave. They are looking forward to being together.

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