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First Look At Benedict In Magik

**Here are the first images of Benedict in the upcoming animated movie Magik. Looks great.

‘Lewis’ played by and modelled after Benedict Cumberbatch (Magik)

The very beginning of a wonderful action-adventure animated movie. The feature, being produced by Black Marsh Entertainment LLC has an amazing cast signed on and details can be found on

It is HARRY POTTER meets INDIANA JONES and takes place in two worlds … London at the time of the Blitz, which is where the movie begins and the parallel magik world. Below are a few pieces of the early character and test design work. Stand by for more details as the project develops in pre-production.

The main character from the real world, who gets involved in saving the Magik world LEWIS, and a hilarious Troll character form the Magik world JACOB …

Seems like this film is actually happening – scheduled for 2016.


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