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‘The Imitation Game’ Actor Benedict Cumberbatch More Excited About Oscar Nominations Because Of His Parents?

Benedict Cumberbatch

“The Imitation Game” actor Benedict Cumberbatch is excited about telling his parents on his Oscar nomination for the new biopic about Alan Turing.

In a report from ABC News, Benedict Cumberbatch said that he’s “so excited and honored to receive this recognition.”

“It’s wonderful to be included by the Academy in this exceptional year of performances. To ring my parents who are both actors and tell them that their only son has been nominated for an Oscar is one of the proudest moments of my life,” he said.

Keira Knightly, Benedict Cumberbatch’s co-star in “The Imitation Game,” was also nominated for Best Supporting Actress. She said: “I’m so honored and grateful for this nomination and to be in the company of such talented and inspiring actresses. Thank you to the Academy for this recognition and also for honouring so many of the film’s storytellers. I would like to think the many recognitions the Academy has given our movie is a celebration of Alan Turing’s legacy.”

His turn as Alan Turing was praised by critics even as they claimed that the movie itself was “mediocre.”

“Benedict Cumberbatch has been labeled an accidental superstar and for good reason,” Scott “Kubryk” Sawitz wrote for Inside Pulse. ” Without classical movie star looks, and without the sort of tabloid lifestyle most superstars have, Cumberbatch has quickly gone from being that actor everyone loves in something to on the verge of superstardom.”

“The Imitation Game” actor Benedict Cumberbatch should be in cloud nine right now because in addition to his Oscar nomination, his fiancée Sophie Hunter is also set to give birth to their first child. The report came just two months after they announced their engagement.

“I am delighted to confirm that Benedict Cumberbatch and Sophie Hunter are expecting their first child. They are both over the moon,” the rep told Daily Mail.


2015 Oscar nominations revealed

‘One of the proudest moments of my life!’ Benedict Cumberbatch gushes about telling actor parents of his Oscar nomination

Benedict Cumberbatch says telling his parents he has been nominated for an Oscar is one of the ‘proudest moments’ of his life.

The 38-year-old actor was ‘knocked for six’ to be in the running for Best Actor at the Academy Awards for his role in The Imitation Game and delighted in breaking the news to father Timothy Carlton and mother Wanda Ventham on Thursday.

He said: ‘I am knocked for six by this. So excited and honoured to receive this recognition. It’s wonderful to be included by the academy in this exceptional year of performances. To ring my parents who are both actors and tell them that their only son has been nominated for an Oscar is one of the proudest moments of my life.’

Proud: Benedict Cumberbatch was overjoyed to receive a Best Actor Oscar nomination on Thursday 

Proud: Benedict Cumberbatch was overjoyed to receive a Best Actor Oscar nomination on Thursday

Following in their footsteps: Benedict's parents Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton are both actors 

Following in their footsteps: Benedict’s parents Wanda Ventham and Timothy Carlton are both actors

Meanwhile, fellow Best Actor nominee Eddie Redmayne – who picked up the Best Actor in a Motion Picture – Drama at the Golden Globe awards last weekend – was woken up with the good news.

The Theory of Everything star told USA Today newspaper: ‘I’m in bed! 20 minutes ago I was in a deep, dark sleep, and there was this gigantic knock on the door. I stumbled in the dark and put a towel on and my manager was there brandishing a telephone with a lot of screaming coming out of it.

‘[The nomination is] like cherries being placed on top of the most beautiful cake.’

Mummy's boy: Benedict will no doubt have his parents cheering him on on Oscar night 

Mummy’s boy: Benedict will no doubt have his parents cheering him on on Oscar night

Rave reviews: Benedict has been lauded for his turn as famous mathematician and WWII code-breaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game

Rave reviews: Benedict has been lauded for his turn as famous mathematician and WWII code-breaker Alan Turing in The Imitation Game

And the British actor – who married Hannah Bagshawe last month – admitted his new wife was equally thrilled by the news.

He said: ‘I just spoke to her now, and she said, “Ed, how am I meant to do the tax returns today when I’m so excited?”‘

Meanwhile, Steve Carrell – whose turn in Foxcatcher has earned him a Best Actor nomination – thanked his co-stars, the make-up artist and director from the movie for the ‘great honour’ of being nominated.

He tweeted: ‘Such a great honor. Thank you @TheAcademy. Love to @MarkRuffalo, @channingtatum, Bill Corso, and Bennet Miller. #Foxcatcher (sic)’

The three actors will contest the prize with Birdman star Michael Keaton and American Sniper hunk Bradley Cooper.

The quintet will find out who is taking home the prize when the Academy Awards take place on February 22 at the Dolby theatre in LA.

Benedict Cumberbatch not ready for Oscar

Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock star, said: ”It would be amazing, but to be honest it’s so premature that it would almost be futile to talk about it.

”I understand why it always happens at festivals, but I just got my suit back from the dry cleaners from this year’s Oscars… There’s lots of films to see before we start going, ‘Oooh, blah, blah.”

Cumberbatch continued to say that he’s not really that bothered about winning an award, adding: ”The most important thing is that any kind of buzz creates an interest in the film, which means people will see it hopefully and that means the Alan Turning story will get to a broader audience.

”And that, as a storyteller, is all I am concerned about. And if I have done a good job as him as well, that’s great.”


Why the Sherlock star is a lock for Oscar attention in The Imitation Game

Even Benedict Cumberbatch gets road rage.

Midway through our phone interview to talk about his highly buzzed performance in The Imitation Game, the actor ­begins raising his voice.

“Look at that sign!” he exclaims, temporarily making me wonder if I’ve missed something – a metaphor, maybe? – in our thus far polite, if static-filled, conversation. Then he apo­logizes.

“Idiot driver,” he mutters, probably from the back of a London cab. “There’s a sign about who has the right of way, of course telling him to wait.”

Oh, what I’d give to be a passerby seeing Cumberbatch’s pale, inquisitive, highly recognizable noggin pop out of a car window to chew someone out. Look, it’s Sherlock!

You don’t achieve his level of fame without a good idea of where you’re heading. The hit BBC TV series based on Arthur Conan Doyle’s famous detective, which earned him an Emmy two weeks ago, has made him a household name.

And he’s demonstrated his range playing everyone from Frankenstein and the creature (alternating in roles with that other Sherlock, Jonny Lee Miller, in Danny Boyle’s stage version of Mary Shelley’s book) to Wikileaks founder Julian Assange (in TIFF 2013’s disappointing opener The Fifth Estate) and evil genius Khan in the sci-fi blockbuster Star Trek Into Darkness.

Next year the man with the most unlikely movie star name is set to play the Mount Everest of acting challenges, Hamlet, onstage in London. But good luck getting a ticket. After they were announced, 100,000 seats sold out in minutes.

And along with his voice work for the granddaddy of all dragons, Smaug, in The Hobbit films, Cumberbatch is playing another non-human villain, Shere Khan, in his Hobbit co-star Andy Serkis’s new version of The Jungle Book. In fact, as we speak he’s on a lunch break from filming it.

“The story isn’t just a human tragedy but also a tense thriller with a strong emotional line between the characters.”

Judging from that list (there are other examples), tortured smart guys are his specialty.

Which might explain why he was eager to play Alan Turing in The Imi­ta­tion Game after Leonardo DiCap­rio bowed out of the project. Turing was the brilliant mathematician who helped break the Nazis’ Enigma code during the Second World War, essentially building the foundations of the modern computer.

Turing was also gay, and in the 1950s was arrested for it. Rather than go to prison, he agreed to experimental hormone therapy – essentially chemical castration. He killed himself in 1954.

“He was one of hundreds of thousands of men who were persecuted,” says the actor. “The 50s here were an era of McCarthyist repression and intolerance.”

In fact, it was Turing’s personal story, and not his intellectual feats, that made Cumberbatch want the role, which brings out shades of vulnerability, shame and fear that his fiercely loyal Sherlock fans haven’t seen before.

“At the end, he was at his physical and wits’ end,” says Cumberbatch. “Everything he had was going: his intellect, his stature as a human being, his health. He became a shell of what he was. And that upset me, to strip him down to that level.”

No method techniques were required to get into character.

“Often, as an actor, you draw on your own experience or memories, but I really didn’t have to here,” he says. “He got under my skin. It was just so pitiful. Imagining the physi­cal weakness, the vulnerability, the ex­haustion, how the hormones affected his emotional state…. It was all ungovernable.”

After meeting with director Mor­ten Tyldum (Headhunters), the actor agreed that it was very important to humanize one of the world’s greatest thinkers and pioneers.

“If you open up books by Turing, they’re impossible to make sense of unless you’re a maths PhD,” he says, adding with a chuckle that he’s always been terrible at the subject.

“Naturally, the way in was to look for the human story. And his is so heartbreaking. The story isn’t just a hu­man tragedy but also a tense thriller, and the emotional line between the characters is strong.”

Loosely based on The Enigma, math­ematician Andrew Hodges’s book about Turing, Graham Moore’s screenplay shuttles back and forth between Turing’s wartime work at Bletchley Park, surrounded by other brilliant minds trying to crack the Enigma code; his childhood, where he shares a gift for solving puzzles with a friend and begins recognizing his burgeoning sexuality; and post-war life in Manchester, where he’s interrogated by a cop after clues to a burglary suggest the suspect might be one of Turing’s lovers.

The script also includes a chaste relationship between Turing and Joan Clarke (Keira Knightley, reunit­ing with her Atonement co-star), another Bletchley Park code breaker. The two were briefly engaged, although Turing knew he was gay.

The Sunday Times reported that Hodges has criticized the film for its “alarming inaccuracies,” including making much more of the Turing-Clarke relationship.

“It’s artistic licence – that’s what drama does,” says Cumberbatch. “You do at some point have to speculate. I imagine it was pretty clear that [Turing] knew what his sexuality was. I don’t think Joan was that naive. She was young.

“This same man [Hodges] was up in arms about the fact that there was a ‘heterosexual romance.’ There’s absolutely no implication or suggestion that there’s anything physical going on between them. By that rationale we should never make films about any­one who’s ever lived. It’s a stupid ar­gument.”

Speaking of romance, Cumberbatch laughs when I ask if he’s get­ting used to his status as a sex symbol.

“I don’t see it…” he begins, modestly. Then he chooses another tack.

“I’m very flattered. And it makes my mom proud. I suppose it’s a nice reflection on the work. That people feel something for me after 15 years of working as an actor.”


Oscar 2015 Predictions,Best Actor: Benedict Cumberbatch, Steve Carell Among Strong Field of Contenders

Benedict Cumberbatch

The best actor race is one of the most competitive categories at the Academy Awards.

Every year, the race leaves out many worthy competitors because of the number of great performances. This year will definitely not be the exception as there are a number of promising contenders.

Previous winners in this category have included Matthew McConaughey, Daniel Day-Lewis, Jean DuJardin and Colin Firth.

This year, the biggest contender is Benedict Cumberbatch for “The Imitation Game.” Cumberbatch has become well-regarded in Hollywood and has been praised for the diverse roles he plays. His latest in “The Imitation Game” is receiving a lot of buzz especially because the film will play at the Toronto and London Film Festivals and will be distributed by the Weinstein Company.

The British actor Eddie Redmayne could be up for his first Oscar nomination as well for his role in “Theory of Everything.” Like Cumberbatch and Carell, he is playing a real life character with a disability. Pundits are comparing his role to Russell Crowe’s in “A Beautiful Mind” and that could be beneficial for Redmayne’s campaign bid.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Involved In Fight During Oscars Weekend

Benedict Cumberbatch
Actor Benedict Cumberbatch was reportedly involved in a fight during Oscars weekend earlier this month (Mar14).
The Star Trek Into Darkness star was caught in the middle of a scuffle between his limo driver, valets and security over a parking spot outside a Los Angeles hotel.
A source tells the National Enquirer, “When Cumberbatch’s driver pulled up to the hotel, he failed to drive into the semicircular driveway and parked his limo on the street, blocking the exit.
“As the star stepped out, several valets ran up, demanding that the limo be moved immediately, and he abruptly found himself trapped in the middle of an escalating screaming match!”
Cumberbatch reportedly tried to diffuse the situation by asking his limo driver to move the vehicle, but a fight eventually broke out.
The actor was able to escape into the hotel lobby unscathed, reportedly telling friends: “I honestly thought I was going to get clobbered!”

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Watch Benedict Cumberbatch photobombing U2 at the Oscars set to Jaws theme tune


Watch Ellen DeGeneres’ behind the scenes Oscars video with Benedict Cumberbatch ‘fairy’ joke

Click here to see video
Oscars host Ellen DeGeneres has shown her talk show viewers a brilliant behind the scenes video of her hosting the awards.
“I had a lot of fun and there was a camera following me all week,” says the second-time host.
Starting with footage from ‘172 days earlier’, when she told her audience that she was hosting the 86th Academy Awards, the footage shows a great perspective of what Ellen got up to before, during and after the live show.
The video also shows a production meeting, where the comedian and television personality is sorting out her script, explaining: “I think we should say ‘I’m trying to get the most retweeted picture ever and I hope ghat everyone jumps in this.'”
The video above also features Ellen bumping into Jennifer Lawrence – who jokes she is going to flash a boob, Channing Tatum, Will Smith and a hilarious interaction with Benedict Cumberbatch, that starts with the 12 Years A Slave actor saying “I’m trapped behind a massive fairy”.
To hear her quick-witted response watch the video above.



Oscars 2015: 5 early predictions for next year’s nominations

We know you’ve barely recovered from this year’s selfie and pizza shenanigans, and it’s really too early to start thinking about next year’s Academy Awards without risking serious mental health repercussions.
But next awards season is already looking sort of exciting. There are new offerings from Paul Thomas Anderson and Christopher Nolan, a David Fincher adaptation of our favorite book from last year, and the role that may very well net Benedict Cumberbatch his first Oscar nomination. Enticed? Read on…
The Imitation GameBenedict Cumberbatch as Alan TuringBenedict Cumberbatch didn’t fare too poorly at this year’s Oscars. He appeared in more nominated films than any other attendee (12 Years a SlaveAugust: Osage CountyThe Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug and Star Trek Into Darkness), and he won the entire red carpet when he executed this photobomb on the thoroughly deserving U2. But since The Fifth Estate failed to attract the awards buzz some early pundits predicted, Cumberbatch is yet to earn a nomination of his own.
That’s all but guaranteed to change next year, now that notorious awards season bulldog Harvey Weinstein has acquired the rights to Alan Turing biopic The Imitation Game. Cumberbatch stars as pioneering mathematician and scientist Turing, whose research at Bletchley Park provided vital intelligence to the Allies in World War II. He was prosecuted for homosexuality in 1952, chose chemical castration over jail time, and died two years later in an apparent suicide.
It’s a powerful story only made timelier by Turing’s posthumous pardon last year, and Weinstein is already campaigning hard for Cumberbatch in particular and the film in general.

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Benedict Vanity Fair Picture

Here is a picture of Benedict Cumberbatch photographed by @markseliger at the 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar party.


For more celebrity pictures, visit the photographers website

Funny Ellen Degeneres/Benedict Photo

A funny photograph from behind the scenes at the Oscars. A very confused Benedict spies host Ellen Degeneres in her Glinda/Wizard Of Oz costume. Hilarious…


Oscars 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch proves US fans are ‘noisy’

benedict-cumberbatch-oscars-2014-sherlock-fans-gi.jpgBenedict Cumberbatch, at the 86th Academy Awards to present, was asked about differences between American and British fans. He managed to prove his assertion that US fans were noisy by getting the crowd to yell on cue.
Ryan Seacrest asked the “Sherlock” star the fan-submitted question about how Cumberbatch would describe differences between fans in the United States and in his native Britain. Almost immediately, Cumberbatch had an answer: “They’re very noisy,” he said. “That’s what Americans are like.”
In case this point needed proof, Cumberbatch turned immediately to the fans in the red-carpet bleachers and waved. They responded by yelling and waving back. It was notably noisy all the way back on the carpet.
Safe to say Cumberbatch knows his audience at this point.

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Benedict Cumberbatch Has a “Horribly Freaky” Hidden Talent

BuzzFeed interviewed Benedict Cumberbatch on the 2014 Oscars red carpet.Benedict Cumberbatch Might Have The Weirdest Hidden Talent Ever

And we asked him to show off his hidden talent.Benedict Cumberbatch Might Have The Weirdest Hidden Talent Ever

Turns out, his hidden talent is bending his ENTIRE HAND BACKWARD. (!!!)Benedict Cumberbatch Might Have The Weirdest Hidden Talent Ever

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How Benedict Became the Sexiest Man of Award Season

How Benedict Became the Sexiest Man of Award SeasonBenedict Cumberbatch wasn’t the most nominated or highest paid actor this award season. He didn’t impress us with an insane physical transformation or move us to tears in an interview. And yet when POPSUGAR readers cast their vote for the sexiest man of award season, a whopping 48 percent chose Benedict. What made Benedict so irresistible? Keep reading to see all the reasons we’ve loved seeing him at all the Hollywood celebrations!

2. He wasn’t afraid to dance.He wasn't afraid to dance.What cameras? Benedict shared an uninhibited moment with Michael Fassbender at Fox’s Golden Globes afterparty. Notice how Benedict is just doing his thing as Michael follows his lead.

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Benedict Cumberbatch All Smiles arriving at 86th Annual Academy Awards

Benedict On The BBC Breakfast Oscar Special

More Benedict On The Red Carpet Video

Benedict Cumberbatch, Lupita Nyong’o and more get John Travolta name treatment

john-travolta-names-oscar-gi.jpgThough he certainly didn’t mean to, John Travolta started a meme during his very short appearance at the 86th Academy Awards. Even reading off a teleprompter, he justcouldn’t figure out how to say Idina Menzel … while introducing Idina Menzel. That was pretty awkward.
It took no time at all for a Travoltified name generator to hit the internet so anyone and everyone can find out what he would call them, thanks for the good people at Slate. Even a few celebrities have gotten in on the fun, generating their own Travoltified names.


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Lupita Nyong’o’s Oscar Speech Made Benedict Cumberbatch Cry…

If seeing Lupita Nyong’o win the Oscar for Best Supporting Actress — when we all thought Jennifer Lawrence’s “cool girl” star might unfairly overtake her — wasn’t enough of a reason to consider the 2014 Oscars a win, her 12 Years a Slave costar made it that much better when he was visibly moved by her incredible speech. That’s right: Lupita made Benedict Cumberbatch cry and it was beautiful.
Of course, that wasn’t the first time Cumberbatch charmed us during the obligatory pop culture behemoth. On the red carpet he pulled an incredible photo bomb on U2 — which, if we’re being honest, is the coolest thing to happen to U2 in a long while. There are also reports that he took a whole pizza to himself when Ellen DeGeneres began handing out the tasty treats, which is exactly what everyone else wanted to do. (I mean, did you seeDavid O. Russell’s visible FOMO over not being offered a slice?) The cherry on top was seeing our favorite calm, collected Brit losing his composure while watching Nyong’o win the award she so greatly deserved while giving a beautiful speech about achieving one’s dreams and defying the path carved out by humble beginnings.
It was enough to make you cry all over again (you know, when you’re able to re-hydrate after crying over the speech itself).

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Oscars 2014: Photobombs star Lupita Nyong’o, Jared Leto, Anne Hathaway, Benedict Cumberbatch

View image on Twitter
Host Ellen DeGeneres’ group Oscars selfie — now the most retweeted tweet of all time, having last night surpassed one sent from the account of President Barack Obama — may have been the most seen picture of the Oscars. Early in the night, the most circulated animated gif might just as well have gone to Jennifer Lawrence, after her second Oscar fall in consecutive years. When it comes to actual speech, John Travolta’s butchering of Idina Menzel’s name might have a good shot at the most replayed clip of the evening.

But plenty other instances of Oscar magic offer a glimpse of the post-show parties, giddy winners and sheer willingness to be written into the books of famous photobombs. Figuring heavily in the below sampling of last night’s photobomb fare are Jared Leto and Benedict Cumberbatch, whose pose in a red carpet photobomb of U2 has been grafted, meme-style, onto other famous photos.
There’s seemingly no place a photobomb — apart from the bathroom, maybe — can’t detonate. Whether it was Leto disturbing a regal Anne Hathaway or congenial Kevin Spacey selfie (Spacey himself was quite the draw, popping up with an open-mouthed pose in the background of DeGeneres’ selfie),Lupita Nyong’o looming in hyperbole behind fellow Oscar winner Leto, Hathaway creeping on Jessica Biel or Cumberbatch inserting himself into another of Ellen’s selfies, the displays of spontaneity showed no signs of being out of style at the Academy Awards.

View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter
View image on Twitter

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Oscars 2014: Kerry Washington, Benedict Cumberbatch and more TV stars work the red carpet


If you need any further evidence that the line between movies and television is fading, look no further than the red carpet at the 86th Academy Awards.

A number of actors better known for their work on TV were also part of Oscar-nominated movies in 2013, which made the carpet procession even more fun for TV addicts. Here are some of the notable small-screen folks who were at the Oscars.

“Sherlock” star Benedict Cumberbatch was part of four Oscar-nominated films this year: Best Picture nominee “12 Years a Slave,” “Star Trek Into Darkness” (visual effects), “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug” (visual effects, sound mixing and sound editing) and “August: Osage County” (actress and supporting actress).


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Oscars 2014: Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs U2 on red carpet

From NY Daily News:

The British actor may not have had any nominations under his belt, but he did appear to have the most fun.
Benedict Cumberbatch (C) jumps behind U2 at a perfect moment.And the Oscar for best photobomb goes to … Benedict Cumberbatch.
The “Sherlock” star may not have been up for any big awards, but he certainly appeared to be winning the Internet for a while, after throwing his hands in the air behind Bono during a U2 photo moment.
Cumberbatch, 37, jumped up in perfect time for cameras to capture him behind the band as it posed.Cumberbatch presented an award, but was a part of four different Oscar-nominated films.The British actor went on to present an award during the evening, but he was also a representative for four different nominated films. Cumberbatch had roles in “12 Years A Slave,” “August: Osage County,” “The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug,” and “Star Trek Into Darkness.”

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Benedict Makes Yahoo News!

Benedict’s photobomb made headline news on Yahoo News! His picture with the band U2 has become an internet sensation..


Sigh… More Oscars

A ton of wonderful Oscar moments featuring Benedict, the photos keep coming..


Photos located here… And here

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