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Benedict Cumberbatch singing on Rumpole and the Man of God BBC Radio 4

Listen to an exclusive taster of love-struck Benedict Cumberbatch in new Rumpole drama

Listen to an exclusive taster of love-struck Benedict Cumberbatch in new Rumpole drama



Benedict Cumberbatch is back on Radio 4 and to mark the occasion here is an exclusive taster of the Sherlock star in action.

He will once again be playing John Mortimer’s Horace Rumpole in a new series, Rumpole and the Portia of Our Chambers, beginning this Friday.

The story finds Rumpole close to giving up the law thanks to a combination of factors: his attraction to pupil Phyllida Trant, an unsettling case involving an Irish terrorist and a devoted father and son, and a visit from an old flame of his wife Hilda’s.

But the love shown by a client’s son for his father convinces Rumpole that he can’t simply quit as husband, father or Old Bailey stalwart. The question of what makes a good parent runs through the drama, with Rumpole asking himself if he is turning into a bad one, especially in comparison to his client.

The adaptation also stars Jasmine Hyde as Hilda Rumpole, Cathy Sara as Phyllida Trant, Stephen Critchlow as Boxey Horne and Samuel Reader as Matthew Culp.

As we can hear below, Cumberbatch’s Rumpole really is love-struck…

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Benedict Reads Rumpole

Here is Benedict reading Rumpole for BBC radio, click the picture below to go to the site:benedict_radio


Rumpole and the Old Boy Net

By John Mortimer
Adapted by Richard Stoneman
Starring Benedict Cumberbatch.

We rejoin Rumpole and Hilda in 1964. Hilda is worried about the choice of school for their son, Nicholas. Hilda wants Rumpole to become a Q.C. in order to afford a decent education for Nicholas. Claude Erskine-Brown is also trying to take silk but he’s distracted by the arrival in chambers of Rumpole’s new pupil, Miss Phillida Trant.

Phillida assists Rumpole in the defence of Mr Napier Lee, who’s charged with running a disorderly house near Victoria Station, and with the more serious accusation of blackmail. Mr Lee admits his customers all went to public school. And the alleged victim of the blackmail was at Lawnhurst College with Mr Lee, which is why Lee won’t break the unwritten law and sneak on his old school chum.

Erskine-Brown is prosecuting at the Old Bailey, where Phillida recognises a familiar face in the press box. Isobel Vincent was at Bennenden with Phillida, and now works for the Evening Standard. With help from Phillida, Isobel publishes the name of the alleged victim. This public identification leads to Rumpole’s successful defence on the charge of blackmail, but also puts Phillida in danger of prosecution for contempt of court.

Phillida works hard to get out of trouble with the law but, instead, finds herself drawn towards Rumpole – and into trouble of a more personal kind.

Directed by Marilyn Imrie.
A Catherine Bailey production for BBC Radio 4.


Cumberbatch returns to Rumpole role

I LOVE Rumpole!benedict_radioBenedict Cumberbatch has revived his role as fictional barrister Rumpole Of The Bailey to return in further BBC Radio 4 dramas.

The Sherlock star slotted the recordings of the stories, by late author John Mortimer, into his busy filming schedule during a flying visit to the UK last month.

The 37-year-old, who has voiced the character on previous occasions, recorded two new episodes alongside Jasmine Hyde, who plays his wife Hilda, with the stories to be broadcast next week.

The tales, which also feature Nigel Anthony and Stephen Critchlow, are set in 1964 when Rumpole’s new pupil, Phillida Trant causes trouble.

The claret-drinking lawyer is given the task of defending a man accused of blackmail, but Trant risks a charge of contempt of court by helping her journalist friend to publish the name of the victim.

In a further episode Rumpole represents a defendant accused of attempted murder, and leaves his wife.

:: Rumpole And The Old Boy Net will be broadcast by Radio 4 on Thursday at 2.15pm, with Rumpole And The Sleeping Partners on the next day.

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