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Benedict Cumberbatch fans’ fury over $3k fee to meet Sherlock stars…

Just three months ago, Benedict Cumberbatch shocked a London theater audience when he delivered a four-letter word rant after playing Hamlet, begging theater-goers to donate to Syrian refugees.

But this week it’s his loyal fans who have been left flabbergasted, as they learn they are expected to fork out a staggering £3,000 to meet the actors from his BBC Sherlock drama series at the annual Sherlocked convention.

The three-day event, being held at London’s ExCel Centre, offers varying levels of access depending on how much you are willing to pay. But the only ticket that grants direct access to the main players is the ‘VIP package’, which costs £2,999 and an extra £1 transaction fee.

Loyal Benedict Cumberbatch fans have been left shocked after learning they are expected to fork out a staggering £3,000 to meet actors from his Sherlock drama at the annual three-day Sherlocked convention in London. Pictured: Benedict as Sherlock (right) alongside co-star Martin Freeman in the BBC drama

Fans of Cumberbatch, who attended last year, wasted no time when the tickets were announced on Wednesday to vent their anger via social media.

‘Shouldn’t Benedict be asking his fans to donate that money to the refugees?’ one asked, while another wrote: ‘The VIP pass for Sherlocked is 3000 pounds? WHO PAYS THIS MUCH???’

Cumberbatch and his co-star Martin Freeman’s attendance this autumn has not yet been confirmed, so anyone paying the full whack might not even meet them. If this happens, they will not get a refund.

This caveat is not good enough for disgruntled fan Marie Garner, who explains on the event’s website: ‘I want to buy a ticket, but coming from the U.S. I would want to know that Benedict will be there.’

The September event’s marketing director, Jill Ubdegrove, says: ‘All the money from ticket sales goes back into the event. It will go towards things like the venue and catering and the cost of hosting the actors.’

A spokeswoman for Cumberbatch adds: ‘Benedict is filming [Marvel Comics superhero] Doctor Strange, so it’s unlikely he is aware of how much the tickets cost. He attended last year but I don’t know if he will this year, because of work.’

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