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Frankenstein – Behind The Scenes


Doubling Frankenstein and The Creature

Benedict Cumberbatch In Frankenstein’s

Hi-Res ! 2011 02 21 - London The Olivier - National Theatre - Danny Boyle’s ’ Frankenstein ’ by Alastair MuirOpen in new tab / window for               [1531 x 1920 pixels]            !Link   <– I might delete the image in a short whileX from hereFrankenstein photo benedict-cumberbatch-dressing-up_zps76453ab5.jpgFrankenstein photo benedict-cumberbatch-as-fra_zps0b2f1ec2.jpgFrankenstein photo frankenstein-benedict-cumberbatch-jonny-lee-miller-image_zps521883a7.jpg

Victor Frankenstein: a character study

Cruelty, Violence and the Creature

The Creature: a character study

Adapting novels for the stage

Directing Frankenstein

**Sherlock vs. Sherlock! (:

Frankenstein Digital Programme

JUST LAUNCHED: Our brand new Frankenstein digital programme is now available from iTunes (£4.99)! Contains exclusive content including video interviews, behind the scenes images and background articles.

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Benedict Frankenstein Behind The Scenes

Cumberbatchweb ‏<br /><br /> Benedict Cumberbatch becoming the Creature in the new @ntlive digital programme (£4.99)


New Frankenstein Encore Trailer with Benedict Cumberbatch

Frankenstein and his Creature


Benedict’s painful “Frankenstein” Performance

**So he’s not in actual pain, but at least he looks good pretending to be..


Frankenstein at the National Theatre

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