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What Did U2 Think Of Benedict Cumberbatch’s Oscar Photobomb??

Benedict Photobombs Again!

PuntersLounge Tennis

Benedict Cumberbatch photobombs Bjorn Borg’s photo at the #WimbledonFinal

Benedict The Photobomber!


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benedict cumberbatch is my personal superhero

Benedict Cumberbatch Does It Again! See His Best Photobomb Yet

Another awards show, means another Benedict Cumberbatch photobomb!

The star-studded photobomb went down during a Golden Globes North Korea skit involving a disguised Margaret Cho.

When Cho asked Meryl Streep to pose for a picture, Benedict jumped into frame from behind them. Classic Cumberbatch.

To make it even better, Michael Keaton was the one snapping the pic!


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